The way of the Thanking Cross to all capital cities of the world

The way of the Thanking Cross to all capital cities of the world
The inspiration of the mission was born in 2003 on the Resurrection Day of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – on Easter morning, with the words „take my Cross and carry it to all capital cities of the world as the sign of thankfulness to Almighty God for the salvation we receive through Jesus Christ.” The mission of the Thanking Cross is dedicated to 2000th anniversary of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ (33 – 2033).

On the 10th of March 2004 in Vatican the Pope of Roman Catholic Church Holy Father John Paul II gave God’s blessing to the initiators of the mission.


Holy Father John Paul II


Holy Father Benedikt XVI.,capo della Chiesa Cattolica Romana

The pilgrimage of the Thanking Cross started off in Lviv, Ukraine, where in 2004, in the very heart of the city a magnificent oaken cross was erected. After that a cross of the same kind was also erected in the capital city centre of Ukraine – Kiev and another one – in Donetsk, a city in the eastern part of the country.

During the lent in 2006 after receipt of God’s blessing from the Cardinal of Roman Catholic Church of Ukraine HH Marian Yavorskiy, and from the Archbishops of Greek Catholic Church of Ukraine and Orthodox Church of Ukraine, the Thanking Cross criss-crossed Ukraine, visiting churches of different congregations, was present during Holy Liturgies, Adoration Vigils and prayers. People carried the cross on their shoulders through towns and villages in the unity with our Lord Jesus on His way of the cross.

On 28th of May 2006 in Krakow, Poland the Pope, Holy Father of the Roman Catholic Church Benedict XVI gave God’s blessing to the Thanking Cross itself and in April 2006 in Poznan, Poland, with the blessing from the hands of Metropolitan Stanislav Gadetzki the Thanking Cross was present in the Holy Masses in both Fara Poznanska and Mary the Painful in Pawlowci.

With these pilgrimages we call the people of the world to show the endless thankfulness to our Lord Jesus Christ for the love he towards us, due to which He suffered and died for us upon His cross, and resurrected from the dead, which granted us salvation.

This pilgrimage of the Thanking Cross gives us one common task – to unite all peoples of the world under the cross of our Lord. We eagerly wish if only the people all around the globe would linger in their thoughts for a while that Jesus suffered for every single person under this sun, regardless of national or religious identity. With this pilgrimage we openly call all people of the planet to thank Jesus for His death upon the cross. Most importantly we know if one is thanking Jesus for His death and finding belief in His resurrection, it means one is accepting this beautiful gift of God – the gift of eternal life.

After the Thanking Cross’ visit to the respective capital city, the representatives or allies of the mission work on erecting such a magnificent oaken cross in the centre of the city to show and remind that God is among us and in the very middle of our daily life. In prayer we hope that on Easter morning of the year 2033 people across the world will gather in unity by the Thanking Cross of their own capital city to honour our Lord Jesus Christ and sincerely thank Him for our salvation.

The route of the Thanking Cross to be made is planned as follows: Ukraine and Poland, Baltic countries, Scandinavia, Western, Central and Eastern Europe, Southern Europe and Africa, Middle East and Far East, Asia, Indonesia, Australia and Oceania, the Americas, then returning to Western Europe and closing the mission with Russia, Belarus and returning home to Ukraine.

To date the Thanking Cross with God’s blessing has been to Kiev and all around Ukraine in 2004 – 2006, has delighted the believers in Warsaw as from 13th of May 2008 and then throughout Poland, and in Midsummer 2008 the Thanking Cross called Lithuania, travelling from Vilnius, where the believers carried the Thanking Cross from Holy Mass to Holy Mass, from one church to another with their hands and on their shoulders on the 13th of June, to every corner of the country for a month, by 13th of July reached Riga, where again the Thanking Cross was lifted and carried on the shoulders of the believers to different Catholic churches where Holly Masses were held in its presence, later on pleasing the faithful around Latvia, being continuously carried on the shoulders of the pilgrims by the 13th of August to Aglona, an apparition site in Latvia of Our Lady Virgin Mary, and stayed there among the praying till the 15th of August, then by 17th of August reaching Tallinn and later various parts of Estonia, followed by entry to Helsinki by 21st of September and other towns in Finland. Now, since 19th of October 2008 the Thanking Cross enjoys a very warm welcome from believers in Oslo, Norway, where we expect the Thanking Cross will spend another unforgettable month. As a rule the Thanking Cross always started its way through the country from the Cathedral of the capital city and was the strengthening the praying in the Holy Masses everywhere the Thanking Cross went to. To our delight in Estonia and Finland the Thanking Cross was also gratefully accepted by Lutheran and Buddhist Churches.
On 19th October, 2008, the Thanking Cross was kept and honoured in St. Olaf’s Cathedral in Oslo, the capital of Norway. The Cross travelled to several towns in Norway, delighting the faithful across the country.
On 15th November 2008 – 12th December 2008 the Thanking Cross was in the St. Anna church in Copenhagen, Denmark.
On the 21th December 2008 - 20th January 2009 the Thanking Cross travelled on to the
St. Johns’s church and the St. Clara Lutheran church in Stockholm, Sweden. It went on to Hannover, Germany, in the time from 23th January 2009 – 20th February 2009. Since 20th March 2009 the Thanking Cross has been in Berlin in the catholic St. John’s Basilica.
Throughout his journey, the Thanking Cross was blessed by the local bishops.

In event in your heart you also hear the call to support the Mission of the Thanking Cross through the capital cities of the world, please feel free to link up with us writing to or visit our homepage, for which we thank you from all our heart in advance, wishing you God’s grace.
The Committee of the Mission of the Thanking Cross, 2008
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